In her book, The List, Marian Jordan writes, “The secret to true beauty is spending time each day with the Beautiful One (Jesus). There are many ways to have ‘Beautiful Time’ with the Lord.”

A favorite of Redeemed Girl Ministries is called the R.E.A.P. (Read. Examine. Apply. Pray.) method*. All you need is your Bible, a journal, a quiet place and an open heart. This method is best used with a Bible reading plan. A Bible reading plan can be found here, as well as here.


  • At the top of a sheet of paper (or in a journal), write the days date and leave a space to write the title of your entry later.
  • Pick a scripture to study either by using a Bible reading plan or by coming up with one on your own. (Click here for a Bible reading plan.)
  • Prayerfully read the text. Ask God to speak to you from His Word.
  • Next, spend some time reflecting and writing about what you’ve read in your journal pages.


  • Write down the key Scripture (or two) that stuck out to you.
    (For example, if reading John chapter 1:1-14. Then you may write down verse 14 as your key Scripture.)
  • Write down what this scripture says and why it matters.
  • Write down thoughts on what you’ve read from the entire section.
  • Ask the Important Examination Questions as You Read the Text:
    • Who? (Audience, Speaker, Subject)
    • What? (Context, Purpose, Problem)
    • When? (Time, Duration, Season)
    • Where? (Setting, Situation, Location)
    • Why? (Motivation, Purpose, Intent, Lesson, Truth)
    • How? (Call to Action, Example to Follow)


  • How does this text apply to your life, circumstances, and relationship with God?
  • Write out how you will be different today because of what you have just read.
  • Respond in your journal to the following questions and anything else that comes to mind.
    • What do I learn about God (the Father, the Son, the Spirit) from this scripture?
    • What do I learn about myself from this scripture?
    • What commands/instructions should I obey?
    • What truth can I apply to my life?
    • What sin do I need to confess?
    • What error can I avoid?
    • What promises can I claim?


  • Write out a personal prayer based on your time in God’s Word.

* The R.E.A.P. method is from a sermon by Pastor Matt Carter from the Austin Stone Community Church in Austin, Texas.