Marian Jordan Ellis
Here’s a little fact about yours truly: I’m quite the globetrotter. I’m a girl with a passport on standby at all times just in case an exciting adventure should present itself. One of my favorite things about a new travel experience is researching a region, a country or a city before stepping foot on the...
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Can you believe Easter Sunday is this weekend? I honestly thought winter would drag on FOREVER! Seriously, I wanted to call Winter a cab and send her home. (She was just starting to embarrass herself.) But I digress. Spring is here! Set your toes free from the prison of closed toe shoes and let your...
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I can’t count the number of times I’ve been asked a question such as this one. Whether it is a girl I’ve met at a Redeemed Girl event or a Facebook message posted in the wee hours of the morning, so many women today are struggling with the issue of calling. Here’s the truth: Our...
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It’s a Wonderful Life
December 15, 2018
Give ’em Heaven
November 27, 2018
I Know Him!
November 9, 2018


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