Marian Jordan Ellis
The man I loved walked out the door with no promise to return. As I watched him walk to his car, I could barely move from the place where my feet were planted. Cemented to the spot where my heart bled, I mustered the strength to pray, “Jesus, help me.” When we were dating, Justin...
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Screeching brakes broke the quiet morning calm. The alarming noise was quickly followed by a whirlwind of chaos as our luggage catapulted through the air with the ease of an Olympic gymnast. Coffee cups and croissants joined the fun by doing somersaults into our laps—scoring a perfect 10 for the dismount. Dodging a flying duffle...
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At dawn on Sunday, Mary Magdalene slipped into the cold Jerusalem morning. Her destination was the garden, where they buried Jesus. Just two days ago, she watched in disbelief and agony as He was tortured and died. She was also there with Jesus’ mother, Mary, as they took His body down from the cross and...
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Nearly six years ago today, I sat nervously in my living room and waited for Justin to pick me up for our very first date. After weeks of emails, phone calls, and text messages, we finally planned to meet in person. If you’ve seen the movie “You’ve Got Mail” with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks,...
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Can you believe 2017 is finally here and Christmas is officially over? The radio stations are back to playing their normal tunes, and retail stores are displaying Valentines candy and Easter bunnies. And, if you’re anything like me, your clothes are a little snug from the holiday pounds we all packed on. (No joke, I...
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There are sacred moments that force us to step back, take a deep breath and exhale in wonder at the sovereignty and faithfulness of God. I’m currently living in one of those seasons. Holding my newborn daughter in my arms (at 43 years of age) has sent me to a place of unbelievable gratitude as...
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In case you can’t tell, we’re passionate about Jesus and our identity as redeemed girls. If you are too, then let us share something exciting with you. We are thrilled to launch two new tees this month! Hands down, these are the most comfortable shirts you’ll ever own and will quickly become your “go-to” tee...
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“To live with desire is to choose vulnerability over self-protection; to admit our desire and seek help beyond ourselves is even more vulnerable. It is an act of trust. In other words, those who know their desire and refuse to kill it, or refuse to act as though they don’t need help, they are the...
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A few years back, Disney remade the classic fairytale Cinderella. When I was a little girl, I grew up with the cartoon version and can still close my eyes and imagine her sparkling ball gown, glass slippers, and magical pet mice. Skeptical that anything could be better than the animated one of my childhood, I delayed...
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My husband and I looked at each other last week, after collapsing into yet another bed, in another home that is not our own, and said, “2016 has been one for the record books…I’m so ready for 2017!” While we are not technically homeless, we have been camping out at friends and families’ homes for...
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